Dog Walking Done Right

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Patience is key. Just like anything else, teaching your dog how to walk properly with you takes some time and patience to do the right way. Ensuring that he understands that you are the pack leader is vital. Your dog should not walk in front of you, but rather next to you or behind you. Teaching commands like, “sit,” and, “heel,” and, “come,” are great training tools that you can use as you are taking walks.
Having a shorter leash is usually easier to control and make corrections if needed while you are walking. If your dog is distracted by noises or smells or other dogs, you can gently make a correction using the leash while not breaking your stride. If your dog follows your commands, you can reward with a treat to reinforce the good behavior.
Remember, calm breeds calm, so refrain from showing too much excitement and your dog will do the same.
Also, when you come home, the leading should not stop there. You should be the first one out and the last one in. By doing this, your dog knows that you are the boss. He should also patiently wait for you until you give a command saying that it is okay to go in.
Exercising your pet is such an important part of their day, and having a dog that understands the correct process of a walk and that stays calm throughout is a happier dog. They are followers that love to follow direction from their pack leader, so take the time to build that relationship and watch your happy, healthy dog make all the other dog owners jealous as he calmly trots down the street for one of his daily walks.