Exercise for the Indoor Cat

Cat tree
Indoor pets are especially prone to becoming overweight, and among indoor pets, cats are the most likely to balloon up out of all proportion. You might think it’s just in their nature. After all, the image of the lazy cat lounging around the house (and eating lasagna) is a popular one. But it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact it’s better for the health of your feline buddy if it’s not this way. Here’s what you can do to help.
You may have heard of that wonderful pet product known as the cat tree. It’s like jungle gym and treehouse village for a cat all built into one. When a cat, no matter how fat or out of shape, sees one of these trees, it’s like they were just given an all-season pass to the amusement park; they can’t resist. Jumping around and climbing on one of these will burn up some of those excess kitty calories for sure – and best of all, they don’t need any input or cajoling from you. They cost anywhere from $50 on up to well over $200 depending on the construction, durability, and complexity, but if you’re even marginally talented with a hammer and nails, you can probably build one yourself for a fraction of the cost.
Cat condos are a similar invention and are also an option, but this gives your cat a little more incentive to tuck themselves into a hidey-hole and lay around all day in the shade. You want them out in the open and moving around to drop those pounds.
A few more suggestions to keep your cat trim next time…