Flea/Tick Prevention in Dogs

Insert Photo HereOne of the most important things you can do for your pet is protect him/her from fleas and ticks that can bring deadly disease to your little one. However, with all the choices on the market, this can be a little bit of an intimidating task.
Not every medication/choice will work as well for every pet, but here are a few different kinds available:
• Topical medications – various kinds of these are available at your local grocery warehouses, supermarkets and pet stores. They typically have directions that tell you where to apply them on your pet’s body so that it can have the strongest effects. Pay attention to which type you buy as they are generally customized to your pet’s size.
• Oral medications – these medications are made to travel through your pet’s blood stream and to the skin to kill fleas. There are various side effects that can happen. Make sure to read the warnings carefully.
• Collars – this option is often considered the economical choice and can work quite well for several months. However, they are sometimes overpowering to your pet and have can have a very noticeable odor.
Sprays, shampoos, powders and other various types of prevention are available as well, but make sure to always read the fine print and monitor your pet if he is on something new.