Fruits, Veggies and Fido

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Some of us are really good about not feeding Fido from the table, but those soul searching eyes get the best of us sometimes. The good news is that there are quite a few items that you can share with your dog that may actually be good for them (in moderation, of course):
1. Cantaloupe is loaded with vitamins and can help with your dog’s eyesight.
2. Green beans could be considered a superfood for your dog.
3. Apples is a common one. Because you do not know about the skin and the possibility of pesticides, you should give it to him without the skin.
4. Happy Halloween to your dog! Pumpkins are a yummy treat that they love that can help their bowel movement.
5. Sweet potatoes are an optional treat in moderation with lots of vitamins.
6. On a hot summer day, your dog will love a watermelon and you’ll love the vitamins that you’ll be providing him and his diet.
7. A pricer treat for sure, but if you have some asparagus you would like to share, it’s filled with more of those vitamins that your dog’s body will appreciate.
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