Greener Grass May Make for a Sick Dog

Those of us with lawns usually want them to look the best they can. Deep green with no weeds in sight is a pristine yard. But the methods we use to achieve such a spectacular lawn could be responsible for making our pets sick.
When we use herbicides to kill off weeds, and chemical fertilizers to promote good grass growth and color, the residue and remnants from these applications can stick around for days. And guess who’s out there rolling around in it and then tracking it in the house? Rover, that’s who.
Studies show that dogs who have been exposed to some of these chemical fertilizers and herbicides have an increased chance of developing bladder cancer. And if these chemicals can have an adverse effect on dogs, then why would we want them around us?
If you’re going to be using chemical fertilizers or herbicides with pets around, please try to take special precautions to prevent your dog or cat from coming into contact with them. Fence off the area or keep them on a leash when outdoors for a few days after the application.
Please be aware that there are also more pet safe alternatives to the chemical solutions that we’ve been using for so long. A simple pot of boiling water will kill most weeds, or try a little vinegar mixed with salt. The point is that there’s more than one way to kill a weed or to keep the lawn green.