Hitting the Road with the Pets

Going on a day trip with the pets? It’s certainly the time of year to enjoy the warm weather and see the sights with your furry companion. As they say, though, the journey is half the fun. So make sure that you’re prepared for the trip and you both will have a time to remember.
Probably goes without saying, but be sure to bring along adequate food and water for the trip. Some snacks for the road will go a long way to keeping your pet occupied and satisfied until you reach your destination. You might also bring along a cooler with a few ice cubes your pet can lick to keep them nice and cool. Remember to bring along a few toys as well to make the time pass more smoothly.
A litter box is essential for cats or smaller dogs, and for the larger pets, you can bring along some plastic baggies to collect their “leftovers.” You might also pack some cleaning supplies for those unforeseen accidents along the way.
If you can’t secure your pet in a carrier or crate for the trip, then consider using a harness that will keep them as safe as a seatbelt keeps you. Pet barriers can also keep your pet’s movements restricted so you don’t have to contend with an excitable dog clambering all over you while you drive.
This also might go without saying, but never leave your pets in the vehicle alone. Heatstroke is a real threat this time of year, so be aware of the dangers. In fact, it’s a good idea to stop every 2, 3, or 4 hours on those longer trips to let your pets stretch their legs and get some fresh air. When it is time to let the pets out of the vehicle, be sure you have them leashed up before letting them out.
Hopefully, with some of these tips in mind, your summer journeys will be fun and trouble-free!