Indoor versus Outdoor Cats: Part 1 of 2

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The invention of kitty litter in the 1960s has gone a long way towards making our homes safer, healthier environments for our cats. Nevertheless, the debate about whether to keep your cat indoors or outdoors continues. What does it mean to decide to keep your cat indoors?
There’s no doubt that our homes make more secure, warmer, healthier places for our pets to live than outside in the backyard. That said, cooping up an energetic feline means that you have to create an exciting, stimulating environment in the home that at least somewhat simulates the playtime she would get in the great outdoors. This means window perches, toys, catnip, and other safe means of keeping your cat entertained. This also means protecting your home from furniture damage and hygiene issues that can come from having any active pet.
So, maybe you’ve made the decision to enjoy the company of your kitty year-round by keeping her indoors. Just make sure she has the comfortable, entertaining environment she needs!
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