Jumping Dogs

Why does your dog like to jump up to greet you and your guests? Because dogs like to greet each other nose to nose, and they want to do the same to you! However, this behavior can be destructive and a little intimidating, so you may want to train to your dog to inhibit their urge to jump up. Here are some tips:3-23 resize

  • Don’t shout at your dog. Unless you’ve already taught him the meaning of words like “down” or “off,” yelling won’t do much. Speak calmly.
  • Don’t try to push the dog off or grab him with your hands to control his behavior. Sudden or excited physical contact might make your dog want to jump more.
  • Do teach the “off” exercise. Start teaching him while you’re sitting, and then move to standing up. Detailed instructions here.
  • Do teach the “sit” command.
  • Do use treats and praise to reward your dog in the process.
  • Do check out the link at the bottom of this article for some great, detailed training methods!