Long Term Pet Care

Ginger's in her wheelchair for the first time!
Taking care of our babies (i.e., pets) is a rewarding job for many pet owners. Just ask us – we wouldn’t be in this if we didn’t know what an important impact we can have in the lives of disadvantaged animals, and it is incredibly rewarding to see them flourish after enduring such hardship. But what if you still feel the love for your pet(s), but just aren’t able to provide the proper care? Well, there are long term options other than turning them over to a shelter.
Long term pet care is an area of animal care that has been growing over the past few years. It is useful primarily to people who have pets, but who cannot provide them the care they need under current circumstances. Maybe they will be serving in the military overseas and can’t take their pet with them. Perhaps an extended vacation necessitates boarding the family pets for more than a few weeks. Or maybe someone is just down on their luck temporarily and needs time to get back on their feet before they’re able to take care of a pet again. Whatever the reason, long term pet care facilities do exist and they’re here to help when you need it.
Organizations that specialize in long term pet care and boarding will try to treat your pet like a member of the family in anticipation of his/her eventual return to the owner’s home. Generally speaking, these types of businesses are not free, however, so be prepared to pay for a quality service for your pet. After all, they are essentially taking your pet into their family for an extended period of time (months). But if you’re looking for a caring environment for your pet while you’re away, you definitely have options.