What is it?
Mange is a skin irritation/disease that plagues both cats and dogs. This blog post will focus on dogs and mange, Wednesday’s will focus on cats and mange. A dog affected by mange may express skin lesions, genetic disorders, hair loss, and a weakened immune system.
Demodex mites are the cause of dogs contracting mange. A dog will express the symptoms listed above in a varying manner depending on what type of demodex mite immersed themselves into their hair and skin.
All dogs have a small amount of mites, but it is the dogs with weaker immune systems that are more likely to contract mange. Mange can also occur by contact with other dogs, canine obedience classes and by their mother shortly after birth.
Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the mange. If the mange is localized then it will generally go away in its own time, but severe cases will usually require long-term medication. Additional treatment options may include lotions, dips and shampoos. Check out this website for additional information.