National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month

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We here at Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary care about all animals, and this month is National Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. Guinea Pigs are great pets for a number of reasons:
• They don’t need a lot of space. Although their cages should be at least 7.5 square feet, it definitely does not take up your entire place.
• Feeding them and housing them require minimal cost.
• As long as you care for them regularly, you likely will not have very much in the way of veterinary bills.
• They are great starter pets for slightly older kids as it teaches them responsibility.
• They’re trainable. You can teach them simple tricks and they can learn their name.
• They will snuggle with you and would like to be held around an hour a day.
• They provide amusement for the entirely family.
If you talk about pets, chances are people will ask if you’re a “dog or cat person,” but if you are apprehensive about either one of those but want a little buddy to love at home, maybe you could consider a guinea pig as a potential new member of the family.