Importance of Prevention and Wellness Care for Pets

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Just like your doctor or dentist may recommend regular visits for preventive care,  your vet will be able to recommend a prevention and wellness program for your pet. This may include regular check-ups and vaccinations and dental care and will depend on your pet’s breed, age, and  overall health status. Some types of prevention are species specific, meaning that the breed of your pet will determine a specific vaccination or condition your vet will check for. But, in general, wellness and preventive care includes: an annual physical, vaccinations, flea/tick treatments, urinalysis and fecal examination, heart worm pills, good nutrition and exercise.
The extra time and cost put into preventive and wellness care has its payoffs: early detection of health problems usually means a much greater chance of effective treatment. Taking responsibility for your pet’s health goes a long way towards ensuring longevity and quality of life for their pets.
Economically speaking, routine pet care coverage is frequently covered by pet insurance. Additionally, spending the money on preventive care now may save the cost of expensive medical procedures and treatments later on by heading off any potential problems.
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