Sochi Strays For Adoption in U.S.


This last Thursday 10 strays from Sochi, Russia have arrived in Washington D.C. for adoption. These 10 have been rescued from the streets of Sochi with the help of rescue organizations and athletes such as U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy. The plight of these animals was brought to light during the Sochi Olympics via media such as Twitter and Facebook after Americans became aware that Russian authorities were euthanizing stray dogs before and during the Olympics because they overpopulated the streets.

These lucky dogs were brought to the Washington Animal Rescue League after they were vaccinated and documented with the help of Sochi organizations. In a few weeks these dogs will be available for adoption after they have received proper medical evaluation. Apparently this shelter has already received over 100 calls from people inquiring about their adoption. More dogs from Sochi are expected to accompany the first 10 in a few weeks! Check out this article for more information.