Spotlight on Milo

Milo - back on the porch
We like to put the spotlight on one of our gang occasionally, and today it’s time for Milo to take the stage. Milo came to us in pretty bad shape. All of our animals are special needs, but Milo was on the edge of life or death. It was only though a kind-hearted donor that he got the medical care he needed to survive. Milo’s right-front leg was broken so badly that it eventually needed to be amputated. Abuse was this guy’s life until he came to LCRS.
Abuse of the kind that Milo endured is difficult to imagine, but unfortunately it does happen, and probably more often than anyone wants to admit. Today, Milo gets around with only three legs, and he’s in a much better environment – one in which he’s nurtured and protected from the kind of abuse that deprived him of the use of his leg.
Milo and the rest of us here at LCRS would like to thank the donors who make each new day for Milo a better one. Thank you!