Stress in Your Dog

Maybe you’re one of those people that is always on the go. You have a different activity planned every weekend and thrive on change. There is nothing wrong with that and it sounds like a lot of fun. Your dog, however, does not thrive on change. She thrives on routine and consistency, and a change to that, among other things, can cause stress in her life.
Stress signals from dogs can be fairly subtle. It can range from panting when its not hot, sweating from her paw pads, shedding (thing of your vet’s office and how everything when you visit seems to end up covered in hair), constant licking, pinned back ears, destructive behavior and excessive licking or yawning.
Every dog is a little different, but by learning your dog’s stress signals, you can see what really is driving her up the wall.
The things that can really help your dog when she’s stressed include keeping to a very similar routine. When you get up on a work day, she probably already knows what to expect, and if you leave her alone longer than usual, she will probably express her anxiety because she knows when you were supposed to be home. Try to provide her with a lot of exercise. If you do this in the mornings, she will probably be much more relaxed when you walk out the door than if you roll out of bed and leave. Also, if she’s not a huge exerciser, you can bring her with you while you exercise outside. Even if she’s just watching, she thrives in your company – and she’ll probably help your stress level too.
Your dog wants to please you and be around you. By settling into a comfortable routine, she will be happy as can be. By knowing what stresses her out, you can help improve her life – and yours.