Tags and Collars: Necessary, but Stylish, Too

Molly all decked out
In our day, most pets had a simple, low-profile collar and a little, metal tag with their name and address engraved on it. Nowadays, a lot of pets are decked out like celebrities with their accoutrements looking much more like decorative jewelry than functional necessities of life as a pet. Modern pet identification can even be inserted under your pet’s skin, read electronically and even tracked remotely.
Want a tag for your dog that looks like dog tags a private in the Army would wear. No problem. Collars can be simple leather, nylon, or plastic, but also come embroidered, bejeweled, or reflective at your convenience.
If you see a need, you can even get your pet an electronic ID tag that not only records his or her name, number, and address, but also stores their medical information such as any allergies they may have or any medications they take. When the tag is scanned by any smartphone, a GPS notification can be sent to the owner, so you can know exactly where your pet is. Great for pets that get lost frequently.
Whatever you decide to do for your pet in terms of collar and tag, be sure that the basics are taken care of before you go for the gold-plated, high tech gizmos. A name and a phone number on a tag are essential, while some people even go so far as to print a reward amount right on the tag or collar should the pet be lost.