Top Dog Chew Toys

8685241238_3799d0e2ef_mPuppies love to chew and some dogs never grow out of this habit. I’m sure we are all familiar with chewed up slippers, newspapers and children’s toys. Puppies like babies go through teething and they will find literally any item to gnaw on to alleviate discomfort.

Of course, there are other reasons for a dog chewing up valued items, especially if they are out of the puppy stage. Dogs may chew if they are bored, suffer from separation anxiety, are fearful or simply want attention. When we brought our newborn son home our five-year-old dog rebelled by chewing on any item she could get a hold of including infant toys. That destructive habit ceased when we started incorporating her into our new family unit.

The good news is that no matter the reason for a dog’s destructible habit it can be redirected to appropriate items. Here are some popular chew toys:

  1. Kong chew toys- these are usually indestructible.
  2. Freeze n’ soothe chew toys- works well for dogs with gum or dental issues.
  3. Rope toys- this makes for a great interactive toy.
  4. Tennis balls- this is another interactive toy great for outdoor play.
  5. Rubber squeaky toys- this can lead to hours of entertainment.

Your dog is sure to approve of one of the toys listed above. Good luck to anyone who is going through the chewing phase!