Vacationing with Your Pet

Pets can come, too!
So you’re thinking about taking some time off from the grind to recharge your batteries, but what to do about your furry friends? Do you leave them at home, entrust them to a neighbor or friend, or kennel them? Nowadays, more and more hotels are offering pet-friendly room and rates, so you may actually be able to take your pet with you on vacation.
If you’re going to make it work, however, you need to put some thought into just what sort of vacation you want to enjoy. A trip to Paris to take in all of the fine restaurants is probably not the right adventure for Fido. But a hiking tour just might be a great getaway for both of you. Consider what sort of activities you’ll want to pursue before setting off on vacation with a pet. You may find a hotel that allows them to stay, but if they’re not welcome at the places you want to visit, then it’s sort of a wasted effort.
Luckily, there are more and more places that are open to pets and can cater to their needs. You can even plan your itinerary around the places you find that are welcoming toward pets if you so desire. It’s all about how much you want to stay close to your pets. If you want to, the resources are certainly out there to allow pets and owners to vacation together.