Quelling Vet Visit Anxiety

3-13-14 resizeDoes your dog get incredibly anxious when (s)he has to go to the vet? Like some people, many pets get a certain “white coat” anxiety, even for routine exams. Some pet owners turn to prescriptive sedatives for this situation. However, sedatives can sometimes cause side effects such as vomiting or an animal too sleepy to stand.
Behavioral tricks can be implemented to help your dog feel less anxious at or before a vet appointment. Ensure that you dog does not associate car rides only with going to the vet. A “de-conditioning” process such as taking your dog to the vet frequently for very innocuous procedures such as weighing could also help decrease anxiety.
Other more holistic treatments, such as massage, can provide great relief, especially when used as a complementary treatment. Ask your conventional vet about looking into these methods.