Aggressive dog

We received an email asking for advice about an aggressive dog.

“I have an 18 month old Lab/Rott/Pit (90 pounds) mix that we have had since he was a puppy. . He started showing signs of aggression when he was around 12 or 13 months. He started growling at anyone who he didn’t already know that came over even after they were there for an hour or so.  He does this even to my son’s friends (all kids/adults) who come over and I have to keep the dog outside when friends come over. He also occasionally growls at my kids too (but never my husband or me) and has nipped them but never breaks skin/draws blood. He has lunged at my 4 year old daughter before though because she walked by his bone and nipped at her face and head and left one red mark on her cheek. This was last week.  I had been trying to get the courage to euthanize the dog…. The only appropriate home for the dog would be someone without kids and who is willing to train an aggressive dog. I am pretty sure this would be very hard to find. I don”t want him in the hands of a dog fighter and I don”t want him at a shelter or kenneled for weeks just to eventually be euthanized.  Thanks for your advice .”

Annie suggests:

Call your vet and take the dog in for an exam. It’s very possible that he has a medical problem. And just like a person, if a dog isn’t feeling well, he’s going to be grouchy and not at his best. The vet may do some urine and blood tests to help figure out what is going on.  It might be as simple as an infection or another easily-fixed problem.

Get him checked out before he does more than nip.


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