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IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ: We are very sorry but we cannot accept aggressive animals here at Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary! Our sanctuary only accepts special needs animals to live out their lives in a cage free environment! These animals come to us with handicaps, illnesses, etc.  and we have no way of handling an aggressive animal in this environment. Sadly we have no referrals to offer either.

We received an email asking for advice about an aggressive dog.
“I have an 18 month old Lab/Rott/Pit (90 pounds) mix that we have had since he was a puppy. . He started showing signs of aggression when he was around 12 or 13 months. He started growling at anyone who he didn’t already know that came over even after they were there for an hour or so.  He does this even to my son’s friends (all kids/adults) who come over and I have to keep the dog outside when friends come over. He also occasionally growls at my kids too (but never my husband or me) and has nipped them but never breaks skin/draws blood. He has lunged at my 4 year old daughter before though because she walked by his bone and nipped at her face and head and left one red mark on her cheek. This was last week.  I had been trying to get the courage to euthanize the dog…. The only appropriate home for the dog would be someone without kids and who is willing to train an aggressive dog. I am pretty sure this would be very hard to find. I don”t want him in the hands of a dog fighter and I don”t want him at a shelter or kenneled for weeks just to eventually be euthanized.  Thanks for your advice .”
Annie suggests:
Call your vet and take the dog in for an exam. It’s very possible that he has a medical problem. And just like a person, if a dog isn’t feeling well, he’s going to be grouchy and not at his best. The vet may do some urine and blood tests to help figure out what is going on.  It might be as simple as an infection or another easily-fixed problem.
Get him checked out before he does more than nip.

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  1. I had one that did this not a pitt mix though chow mix. When they get that age they tend to get picky about who they want around them. I would do what Annie says. My chow is in a kennel with sealed door. I can handle her fine but no other animals can be around her. Have noticed that its when I leave and come home that she freaks out. So could be a change in the house behavior the dog doesn’t understand.

  2. Hi:
    I’m with Boxer Rescue and we have a dog that is deteriorating mentally due to his extended stay at our kennel, physically he is very healthy. He is no longer an option for adoption and has been with us for the last few years. The stress of the kennel environment has become so bad that we can barely work with him without him being aggressive. Do you have any room at your sanctuary for this beautiful boy?

    • Connie, I’m sorry we won’t be able to help you – our cats and dogs live together in a cage-free home environment, so we cannot accept animals that are aggressive to other animals or to humans.

  3. Need help finding a new loving home for our beloved German Shepherd, Ranger. I contacted the local German Shepherd Rescue in San Jose, CA, but they won’t take him because he is “leash reactive”, unsocial and aggressive towards other dogs. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to take him with us. We need to find him a loving home with someone who has prior experience with German Shepherds and no other pets by August 1, 2014. Any suggestions.

    • Aggressive dogs are the most difficult to place, and it’s our most frequent inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not know of any places that accept aggressive animals. You can try to place him privately in a home with no other pets and no children, but the chances of finding the right situation are slim. If you can offer a lifetime stipend for his medical care, include that information when you are publicizing him, in the hopes that will appeal to a retired couple who would like a dog but cannot commit to the financial aspects of dog ownership.

  4. I need help with a 12 year old min pin who was abandoned to me. I cannot care for him–I have two of my own. Please help.

  5. I have a beautiful 3 year old male rottweiler I am looking to rehome for aggression issues. He is an amazing dog and I love him dearly but unfortunately I don’t have the resources to rehab him properly. I think he will do amazing on a ranch of some sort where he can provide security and do his job.

  6. HELP HELP I AM OUT OF THE COUNTRY BUT CAN PAY TO SAVE THESE DOGS BROUGHT FROM EGYPT !!! From horrid situations !! Are now in Gettysburg pa — NEED A PLACE ASAP !!

  7. Rescued 4 dogs and 4 cats from a Georgia rescue and now finding that one is aggressive- please help

    • We are unable to accept aggressive animals. Contact the rescue for guidance. Hire a trainer and/or consult with a veterinary behaviorist to evaluate the causative factors and design a behavior plan.

  8. Why waste your time for an aggressive animal quit trying to be the hero and KILL ALL AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS

  9. I have a 10yr female cane corso and and a 5yr female bull mastiff I am in the process of selling my home. Where I’m moving the won’t be allowed the cane corso has aggression issues towed people the other one not so much can I get ant suggestion on find them a good safe home

    • I’m sorry, we don’t have any suggestions for you, beyond contacting the breeders you got them from – reputable breeders will take back dogs of their breeding at any time.

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