Dog Eye Mucus

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Have you ever wondered about the buildup that happens in the corner of your dog’s eyes? More often than not, many owners will use their fingers to gently dig in the corners of Fido’s eyes to clear up that area, but the problem is that your hands can have even more bacteria than you’re trying to remove.

Always exercise caution when cleaning your pup’s beautiful eyes as their eyes are just as sensitive as our own. A clean damp cloth is sure to work (around, not on your pet’s eyes), but canine solutions like EyeClens are available at most pet stores. However, make sure you read directions thoroughly, as solutions like these should usually be used around and not in your pet’s eye.

As a preventative solution, make sure you keep your pets away when you’re doing garden work, avoid letting him hang his head out the window to avoid debris getting stuck in his eyes and trim your pet’s fur if it consistently gets in his eyes.

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