Dog Approved People Food

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As responsible dog owners, we know that a balanced diet is essential to their good health. That said, if your dog is not one with allergies or chronic problems, there are a few people foods that you can occasionally share without harm:
• Peanut butter – the raw and unsalted varieties actually contain lots of healthy fats and can be wildly entertaining for them when put into a kong while you’re gone.
• Salmon is a great way to keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny. Put some salmon oil in his food or give him a piece of your cooked salmon.
• Lean (no fat/sauce/seasonings) meat can add a great amount of extra protein to your pup’s diet.
• Apples are a common doggie favorite. They love the crunch and it can be a great source of vitamins A & C. Avoid the skin and apple seeds, however, as they can both be toxic for your pet.
• Eggs can give your dog a little bit of a protein boost, but make sure that you use a whole cooked egg. It makes a great training tool, too!