A fun kitty game!

Cats like to hunt and they like to explore hidden things.  Spend five to ten minutes a day playing with your cat to keep him or her healthy and mentally sharp. Make a fun game for your kitty by putting paper cups in various spots, and hiding a treat inside a few of them. What fun watching your cat bat the cups around to find the goodies! Playtime also helps eliminate unwanted behaviors, like shredding your favorite chair.
Here’s Emma, one of our kitties! She loves to play!

5 thoughts on “A fun kitty game!”

  1. You want something with very litlte fillers in them such as corn (harsh on their digestive system) and ash (especially not good for male cats as it can give them stones) I feed my cats science diet. It’s vet recommended and they really enjoy it. They go nuts at meal times. (I have 4 cats) They also carry science diet treats for cats that my cats also love. They know them as cookies’ and I swear they would go through the wall like that cat on the TV if it got in their way.

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