A Healthy Canine Diet

A balanced diet is essential for both humans and animals. Balanced diets allow a dog energy and grow healthily. Here are some nutrients that are essential in a dog’s diet:

  1. Protein- High protein diets are recommended for puppies and working dogs.
  2. Water- 60 to 70 percent of an adult dogs body is made out of water. Not enough water can cause illness or even death.
  3. Fats- Fats are great for a healthy coat and skin.
  4. Carbs- The thought of carbs often scare humans, but carbs make up 50 percent of a balanced diet for dogs.
  5. Vitamins- Vitamins are essential for a dog to properly absorb fats and carbs.
  6. Minerals- Minerals are great in aiding the production of bone, muscle, fluids and nervous system function.

The nutrients listed are above are essential for healthy living. Quality pet foods should include all of these ingredients. Let us know which brand is your pet’s favorite!