Dog Dental Care

The idea of regular dental care for your dog might not be one that’s occurred to you. Nevertheless, dogs face the same risks for dental issues as humans do: over time plaque builds up, which leads to gum inflammation and tooth decay. Periodontal disease occurs five time as often in pets as it does in people. Some dogs also suffer fractured teeth. These conditions can result in a great deal of pain for your pet, which you may not even be aware of.
So, what can be done to maintain dental health in your dog? Here’s what they need:
Daily brushing – gentle daily brushing is the best way to prevent plaque buildup. With enough gentleness and patience, most pets can be persuaded to allow their owners to brush their teeth, yet very few owners regularly commit to doing so.
Quality food – This may involve a “dental diet” if your vet recommends it. Dental diets usually include dry food that scrubs your pet’s teeth as he chews.
Regular x-rays, cleanings, and professional dental care – Frequency and intensity of dental exams depends on your dog’s age, breed, and the home care you provide.
Teeth cleaning toys and treats – Pet safe toys such as rawhide or rubbery kongs are enjoyable for dogs and beneficial for their dental health.
For more detail about pet dental care, check out the link below!