Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

As October draws to a close, we wanted to remind you (or tell you) that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Has this been something that you’ve been thinking about for awhile? Do the following things sound like something you’re looking for?
• A companion for your exercise activities (hiking, walking, trips to the park or the beach, etc.,.)
• An unconditionally loving friendly face to greet you whenever you get home
• A new member of the family that will be your child’s new best friend?
• A healthier social life – even if you live alone, studies have shown that having a dog benefits you emotionally in the way a human friendship would.
• Stress reduction – studies also show that pet interaction results in lower stress levels.
Maybe it’s time to consider bringing home a dog. However, also consider factors for your pet. Are you home enough? Will you be able to give your new family member the love and attention he deserves in exchange for all he will do for you? Yes? Then visit your local animal shelter and find your new best friend.
Can’t adopt? You can always share this message on your social media page, contact your local shelter and see if they have a wish list that you can help them fulfill or volunteer for all those furry faces when you have some spare time. Good luck and remember, adopt – don’t shop!