Careers in Animal Care

Do you have a desire to work with animals in your career?  Would you like to go the whole way to become a veterinarian?  Did you know that you have a lot more options?  Here are a few.
Veterinarian:  We’ve already written an article about this particular profession.  You can see it here:
Veterinary Technician:  Consider this a nursing position for pets.  You’ll need to graduate from an accredited vet tech program (usually an AA) and pass the state board exam.
Animal Attendant/Kennel Worker:  Are you interested in feeding, grooming, bathing and exercising animals?  This might be the job for you.  This type of position typically has training within the position.  If you are working in a zoo or aquarium, a higher degree may be required.
Dog Walker:  Make sure you know the laws of your city.  Some places require dog walkers to be self-insured.  Consider licensing to gain credibility with your potential clients and understand that this job won’t always be like you see it in the movies.  You have to pick up after them, too.  🙂
Groomer: There are lots of trade schools that will help you learn how to do this.  You can also serve as an apprentice or assistant to a current groomer.  Voluntary certifications are available as well.
These are just a few options.  You can be a lawyer and fight for animal rights, you can work in marine biology, you can volunteer at a shelter in your spare time… the possibilities go on and on.  Good luck!

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