Cats and Computers

computer cat
Maybe it’s the warmth and the whirring noises, or maybe it’s just that they’re a competitor for our attention, but cats seem to be fascinated with computers. It can be cute, but both your computer and your cat could be in danger if you cat spends too much time playing around the computer desk.  Here are some tips to cat-proof your computer:

  • Enclose or bundle all loose wires. And don’t forget about laptop cords! Hanging cords are an invitation to a playful cat.
  • Clean the keyboard, vent, and fan to make sure they’re clean of cat hair. Close your laptop when you’re not using it.
  • Consider discouraging your cat from jumping up onto your computer desk. You can simply pick up your cat and place her on the floor when she joins you at the desk, or maybe provide a comfy basket as a “safe zone” on your desk for your cat if she wants to be with you around the computer.
  • Don’t keep drinks near your computer if you’re cat is around, just in case. In general, keep your computer area tidy to avoid further enticement to jump up onto the desk.

When it comes to cats and computers, use good judgment and figure out the best method to keep both your kitty and your laptop out of danger!
Picture source:
Cats love computers (20 great pictures)