Cats Get Mange?

This past Saturday we did a blog post about dogs and mange and now we are going to give the cats a turn. Has anyone ever heard of a cat having mange or have you had a cat that has had mange? If you haven’t heard of this don’t worry because apparently this occurrence is very rare. Because it is so rare very little is known on this subject.
Here’s what is known:

  • Siamese and Burmese cats are more susceptible
  • Two forms of mites are the culprits: demodex gatoi and demodex cati
  • Demodex gatoi lends itself to being contagious among other household cats
  • Demodex cati is often caused by a weakened immune system

As with dogs less severe cases of cat mange usually resolves on its own. Prevention includes keeping your cat bathed and not breeding cats that have had mange since it can be passed on to its kin. If you have had a cat with mange we would love to hear of your experience!