Communicating with a Deaf Dog

Hearing impaired dog
Having a deaf dog gives an owner a unique chance to communicate with the animal on their terms. Dogs don’t communicate using words the way we do, but they do use energy and body language. It may take some extra time to guide them to where they need to be, but if you are present with your energy, get to know them and take that extra time, it is infinitely rewarding.
Hand signals will be the easiest form of training. Try to use signals that they will be able to see from a distance. It is also imperative that you have some kind of signal to get his attention – like a thumbs-up. A hearing impaired dog needs to be able to focus on you – and quickly – to keep safe. At home, a loud stomp will send the vibration their way and get their attention. And just because they can’t hear doesn’t mean they won’t pay attention right away to a flashlight or laser pointer. Also, if you can get into the habit, try to let your dog know when you’ve come into a room or are leaving by tapping him on the back.
The more visual and physical signs you train your pet to understand, the better your relationship with him will be and the easier his life will be.