Cats on the Internet

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If you’ve spent any time browsing online video, GIFs, or memes, you’ll know that when it comes to animals on the Internet, cats have gained the most traction. There’s no discernible reason why this is the case. Some posit that cats lack the people-pleasing quality that we see in, say, dogs. Either way, the power of suggestion and the momentum of the internet have puts cats on center stage. Here are just a few of many extremely popular internet cats:
LolCats: A lolcat is a picture of a feline with text that is gramatically incorrect (called lolspeak, and compared with babytalk) and peculiar. With the abbreviation for “laughing out loud” as the first component of their compound name, lolcat pictures are intended to be comical.
Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat is actually a real cat and internet celebrity named Tardar Sauce. She is known for her permanently grumpy expression, fame that grew from a picture posted to Reddit. The image was made into macros with grumpy captions. Grumpy Cat’s expression comes from a type of feline dwarfism.
Business Cat: Business cat features a picture of a black cat in a suit and tie, captioned with business advice or jargon from a kitty’s perspective.
If you want to learn more about internet cats, browse the internet for a couple minutes and you’re bound to run into one! Or, check out the links below!