Most Common Dog Health Concerns

If you have a dog or you’re thinking about getting one, you might be wondering what kind of health issues come up the most often. Here’s a list of some quite common health issues in dogs:
1. Ear infection: symptoms might include head shaking or tilting, ear odor, lack of balance, and vigorous scratching
2. Worms: symptoms include weight loss, appetite change and diarrhea
3. Fleas: scratching, hot spots, and dermatitis are symptomatic of fleas
4. Obsesity: being overweight alone can cause some serious health issues for your dog
5. Kennel cough: a bronchial infection that usually happens when a dog is exposed to another infected dog
6. Periodontal disease: a disease of the gums linked to kidney and heart disease
For more information on treatment and prognosis of these common health problems, talk to your vet and visit the links below!