Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Deaf Dog Awareness
You finally found the perfect dog to adopt? Is she everything you want? Is she friendly, active, playful and is giving you that puppy dog look as you walk away from her kennel? Maybe you’re ready to take her home, so you read the sheet attached to her cage… and you realize she’s deaf.
In most shelters, being deaf is a death sentence. A dog can be born deaf or be deaf from an untreated ear infection or just be losing her hearing due to aging. However, you would be surprised just how easy it can be to have a dog with this disability adapt to your family.
Deaf dogs are just as intelligent as their hearing counterparts. They can be taught sign language and you can get their attention as easily as tapping the floor so they feel the vibration or by flipping the lights on and off. The only big difference is that a deaf dog should not be left off a leash when outdoors at anytime as they cannot hear other dogs or dangers coming their way. Sometimes known as velcro-dogs, deaf dogs sometimes have separation anxiety, but just like everything else, they can be trained to get used to your not being around. Your patience will pay off with the same unconditional love you would receive from a dog that is able to hear you.
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