Too Many Treats

In the same way that a parent can be tempted to let her child eat all the ice cream he wants, it can be difficult to ignore a treat-focused four-legged friend with puppy dog eyes. Just as too much sugar in a human can cause mental and physical problems, they can do the same for your pet. Diabetes, obesity and sugar highs exist in our animals, too.
Ideally treats should be given out to reinforce a calm state instead of being given to an overexcited animal and treats should only make up approximately 10% of your pet’s total caloric intake.
When choosing treats to buy your animals, a good recommendation is to follow the rules you would follow when buying food for your family. Natural ingredients are best (nothing you can’t pronounce, no artificial dyes or sweeteners) and while you might not be crazy about liver or trachea, your pet might be the happiest guy on earth.
Talking to your vet is always a good idea when you happen to make a visit as well as he may be able to talk to you about your pet’s specific needs.