Dog Dials 911


Have you heard of the Japanese Shin in Nebraska that dialed 911? If not, you’ve come to the right place!
Earlier this month a two-pound Japanese Shin got hold of her owner’s smart phone and managed to dial 911. An ABC News article reports that the owner thought her dog was trying to get some cuddles, but instead it appears she was trying to get some FaceTime. The dispatchers on the other end of the line must have been quite surprised when they realized it was an animal that had dialed in.
However, in 2008 an emergency call was placed by a trained German Shepherd when his owner was facing an actual emergency. Buddy dialed 911 when he saw his owner was beginning to have a seizure. This was not Buddy’s first call to 911. Buddy first called August of 2007 when his owner had his first seizure. Buddy’s owner had reoccuring seizures after he sustained a head injury during a training exercise 10 years ago in the military. Buddy was adopted at just eight weeks old and was to be trained to press programmed buttons to reach emergency services. This wonderful animal was adopted through a Michigan based Paws with a Cause, an organization that trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities. To learn more check out this article.