Dog Houses for the Practical and Decadent

Kate Lynn
If you live in an apartment setting or your dog has access to your home or garage through a pet door, you may not even have need for a dog house. But for others, it’s part and parcel to owning a dog. You may be able to build one yourself if you have the skills, but there are many varieties on the market if hammer and nails are foreign to you. In fact, building a house for your dog may be a good way to learn or hone those carpentry skills – Rex probably isn’t much of an architectural critic, after all. He’ll be plenty pleased just to have a place to call his own.
Metal, wood, plastic, painted or unpainted, insulated and uninsulated – they come in many forms. The traditional wood, shingled dog house certainly isn’t the only way to go nowadays. Make a list of your dog’s needs as you browse through the possibilities and you’ll be sure to get something that will last through the years.
If you live in an area where snowfall accumulates during winter, then you definitely want an insulated house. Unpainted abodes are common, but this gives you a chance to match the color to your own house. A perfect job for the kids, if you ask us! You can even find multiple occupancy houses for that family of pooches that love to live together. Skies the limit, really. You could spend anywhere from $50 on up into the hundreds for the fancier models that they’d have to deliver to your yard on a flatbed truck.
Whatever your needs, there’s a dog house out there for you and your beloved pet. Some come from unexpected places. Just get to looking or building and you’ll soon have a place your dog can call his own.

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