Dog Seizures

If your dog is prone to seizures, we recommend that you take him to the vet. There are multiple causes of seizures, and only your vet can really recommend the proper type of treatment for your pet. That said, here are a few things you can do for your little one if this is a new happenstance and they happen to seize at home:
• Do not grab the dog’s tongue. Dogs cannot swallow their own tongue.
• Time their seizure and record anything that may have happened around that time. When you take him to the vet you want to provide your vet with as much information as possible.
• According to most sites, seizures lasting more than five minutes are considered an emergency and it is recommended to seek immediate veterinarian attention.
• Move him away from stairs, furniture and sharp objects, but otherwise let him ride it out.
• Switch off anything with flashing lights or loud noises.
After a seizure, being calm is a great comfort to your pet. If you are not anxious, they will likely remain calm as well, and hearing your voice and feeling you pet them is comforting to them as they will be slowly coming out of a disoriented state.