Greyhounds 101

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Greyhounds are one of the oldest known breeds and the only breed mentioned in the Bible. The Greek goddess Diana is often represented with a greyhound accompanying her. Greyhounds have astounding speed (as fast as 50 mph) and can see clearly for about a half mile of distance. Many of the common problems that appear in larger breeds, such as hip dysplasia, have long since been bred out of greyhounds, making them fairly healthy. Some greyhounds have delicate skin that can be easily snagged by another dog’s tooth and cause injury.
Retired racing greyhounds make wonderful companions. Although greyhounds can reach racing speeds averaging 40 mph, they are very calm, gentle dogs not known for hyperactivity. Greyhounds reach the end of their racing careers at between 2 and 5 years old, but have a total lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Furthermore, greyhounds shed minimally and can often be owned by people with allergies after a brief period of adjustment.
If you’re thinking about your next dog, consider adopting a retired greyhound!
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