Dogs and Kids

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Having a dog at home can have numerous benefits for your children: a dog is a built-in playmate, confidante and friend. Studies have proven that the company of a dog relieves stress and provides comfort to people of all ages. From the dog’s perspective, however, a small child who doesn’t know any better can be a source of discomfort, frustration, and terror. This can lead to many problems: a child could startle the dog or play inappropriately, which could eventually provoke the dog into biting. That is, it sometimes takes some work and some training for your dog and your kids to get along with each other. Here are some tips to develop what could be an important lifelong friendship:
1. Supervise play. A little oversight can go a long way; if you can spot the dog becoming aggravated or provoked, intervene.
2. Train and socialize your dog. Look into obedience school or socialization methods in order to ensure your dog is at ease around people.
3. Also, train your kids. Just as much as your dog needs to know how to behave around people, your kids need to know how to behave around animals. Teach your kids to ask for permission before petting a stranger’s dog and how to play gently.
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