Dogs Without Teeth

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Dogs’ teeth can fall out due to disease, bad hygiene, injury or just old age. Many owners are afraid to have their dogs’ teeth extracted, but the truth is that a mouth without teeth is better than a mouth filled with diseased teeth. If he is at a point where he needs his teeth removed, you should do so. Our dogs unfortunately have no way to tell us when they’re having a sore mouth or toothache, so make sure you brush their teeth and take them for checkups regularly.
That said, don’t let a toothless dog stop you from adopting him and don’t panic that his life is over if your current dog loses his teeth. He can still eat; you just have to make some necessary adjustments.
If your dog currently eats and enjoys dry food, he still can. You just need to add water or chicken broth or some type of gravy and let it sit for a few minutes so you can mash up his food.
Treats will also need to be switched to a softer kind – there are meat based ones that are much easier for a toothless dog to manage or you can leave them with a spoonful of cottage cheese or peanut butter (ensure you know what your dog’s allergies are and that you consult all parts of his diet with your veterinarian).
If your dog has lived with a diseased mouth for some time, you might actually notice the life coming back into him once it all gets fixed or his teeth get removed. If at all possible, remember to keep good dental hygiene for your pet while he still has his teeth. Brushing every day is a great idea and many treats offer dental benefits. Consider trying them out for your dog.