Fostering a Dog

Fostering a dog can be defined as taking a dog into your home to give him love and care, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted. Many dogs need foster care for at least one of the following reasons: a rescue group might not have enough physical space for all the dogs that need care, a dog needs a safe place to recuperate from illness or surgery, a dog is showing signs of stress in a shelter, or a dog needs to be socialized by living in a home.
Fostering a dog, in addition to providing a service to your local shelter and the dog in question, can be a very rewarding experience for you and your family. For example, it’s a great way to get to know your own needs and abilities as a pet owner. Having a pet around can provide stress relief and fun – there are proven mental health benefits to both pet ownership and hte rewarding nature of community service. In addition, fostering a pet is a great way to surround yourself with a community of people who care about animals.
Consider fostering if you’re looking for a great way to nurture an animal!

Top 5 Benefits of Fostering a Pet!