Exotic Pets

A Lemur. Look at those eyes.
Dogs, cats, and horses may be some of the most common types of animal companions people keep, but they aren’t the only ones. Ever seen a Green Iguana? Some People actually keep these odd-looking animals as pets and feed them arugula. If you’ve ever thought about taking on the responsibility of an exotic pet owner, here are just a few ideas to pique your interest.

  • How about a Teacup Chihuahua? Yes, they would fit in a tea cup if you wanted to try some Chihuahua tea.
  • If you don’t mind them staring at you with those large, bright eyes, maybe a Ringtailed Lemur (pictured above) could be good company.
  • Don’t mind a pet that can grow to be five feet long? A Ball Python may be just what you’re looking for. They can live upwards of 20 years, but can be picky eaters. Definitely do your research here.

Laws governing what pets are legal/illegal vary by state, so be sure to do some homework before you go filling your bathtub full of piranhas. And these strange pets can be very expensive, both to buy and to feed, so be aware of the costs involved before you take the leap into the deep end of exotic pet ownership.