Treats for Cats

Treats for Cats
Everyone knows that cats are die-hard tuna aficionados, right? And they’d just love to wash it down with a deep saucer full of nice, creamy milk. Many cat owners treat their pets to just such a feast without even thinking twice about it. But it can be easy to go overboard with the tuna, and too much milk, especially, can give your little friend a wicked stomach ache.
Cats are meat eaters, and they need a bit of meat in their diet to remain healthy. A little bit of tuna in this regard is just fine, but it probably shouldn’t be a mainstay of their diet. Bigger fish, like tuna, accumulate mercury in their bodies, and while it relatively easy for people to filter this out or ignore it due to our larger size, for cats it can be much more difficult. Tuna as an occasional treat should be fine, but a high-quality pet food formulated specifically for cats is a better choice for promoting long term health and happiness.
Milk can be rough on adult cats, too. Kittens need milk to grow into healthy, adult cats, but after that point, cats don’t really need the milk any longer to be healthy, and many actually become lactose-intolerant. When you give milk to an adult cat, you may just be sending them on their way to an upset stomach. If you do make a habit of giving your cat milk, take note of how he/she reacts afterwards. Pretty much all cats will want milk, but not all of them can tolerate it well, so keep an eye on them to see how they handle it.

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  1. Not only can milk give some cats an upset stomach, it also can cause diarrhea. I have a rescue kitty that I adopted when she was 5 months old. She is now 8 years old. She loves milk, something I believe she was fed before she was dumped. I will give her a very small amount when I have cereal, but that;s it.

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