Feline Aggression

Problems with feline aggression can be a major concern for cat owners. There are several types of feline aggression that are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If your cat is displaying aggression towards humans or aggression towards other cats, keep in mind he following:

  • The earlier the better when it comes to intervention for aggressive behavior, before it becomes ingrained. 10.19.14_WP
  • Some forms of aggression can be a symptom of a medical problem, so check with your vet first. Medications can help with aggression, but only combined with the proper environmental conditions and behavioral therapy.
  •  Physical punishment can increase aggression in your cat, who may view it as a challenge.
  • Separate cats with aggression issues. Then, reintroduce them slowly.
  • With a kitten who likes to bite and scratch during play, one option is to use play toys and keep them some distance from your hands.

Check out the link below for a more thorough exploration of feline aggression.