Digging Dogs

Dogs that dig
There are a number of reasons your dog might be digging. It could be too hot outside, he might need attention, he might be a from a traditionally digging breed, he might want to see what’s behind that fence separating him from your neighbor and he might be emulating your behavior if he’s seen you gardening recently.
There are a few things that might help curb his behavior:
*Give him attention. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog.
*Create a “digging pit,” for him. Depending on his size, a small sandbox might work. When you see him digging in an undesirable location, give him a command – “No dig” – for example, and move him to the sandbox. On the opposite side of it, shower him with praise when he digs in the right spot.
*Distract him with training. Does he not see you very often and not have enough playmates? He might just be trying to give and receive attention. Let him see more of you.
*Keep him indoors. He may be interested in the backyard gopher family and trying to find him. It could also be inclement weather. He may be digging a hole to lie in the cooler dirt or to hide from the strong wind.
We are all about the indoor dog here, so we encourage you to keep your dog where you are – safely inside the home. If it is a bigger behavioral program that we can help with we do encourage you to seek the help of a behavioral specialist to assist with your dog.