Fighting [Like] Cats and Dogs

Cats & Dogs
If you’re thinking about getting a cat and a dog, one of the easiest ways to create a bond – or at least a civility – between the two creatures is to adopt them both together as a puppy and kitten. As such, these two animals will have no preconceived notions about each other and are more apt to build a bond – perhaps even playing and napping together as they grow up.
However, if you already have one or the other in the household, there are some precautions you should take to ensure that chaos does not break out in your home:
1) You might want to present each animal with something from the other prior to their meeting. Several things would be better, as each animals will get used to the other’s scent and not see (or smell) the other as a total stranger.
2) Make sure you feed them in separate areas. Your dog will probably love your cat’s food, but it’s not good for him, and your cat won’t like that situation one bit.
3) Separate the litter box. Your dog might like to eat from there just as much as he likes to eat your cat’s food, so make sure each of your animals has an area that is solely theirs so they feel less threatened.
4) Supervised visitation. It’s going to take time for your animals to get used to each other, and sometimes an introduction on a leash or a short visit is the way to go.
5) Don’t expect a miracle. It could happen that your cat and dog will take to each other and be friends forever, but it might just happen that they will just learn to tolerate each other – which is still a success.
Just take the time and patience to let each pet know that they need to get along and that you love them both just the same. Good luck!