Getting a Second Dog

If you are considering adding a second dog to your family, it’s worth thinking hard about how this second dog will affect your family environment, including your first dog. It’s possible to re-home a dog after adoption, but there are emotional implications to this process, for both your family and the dogs. So, there are several factors you should consider when adding another dog to your household.
Part one: the right dog
One important element to think about is gender; generally, opposite gender dogs do the best in the same household. In addition, consider size. An enormous size difference would mean one dog could easily overpower the other by running into them or stepping on them.
Part two: timing
Because dogs might take longer than you’d think to become acclimated to a new family environment, it’s best to wait at least two years between dogs. Before you get a second dog, try to work out any behavioral problems that your first dog already has, such as separation anxiety, aggression, or inappropriate barking.
Part three: managing two dogs
Once you have two dogs, it’s best to take a couple precautions. For example, separate your dogs for feeding so that they don’t feel they have to compete over food. Reward one dog for good behavior in such a way that the other dogs gets the idea, but not in such a way that they compete over treats. Give each dog frequent, individual attention.
For more tips about getting a second dog, see the link below!