Grooming the Pooch

Some dogs are good at taking care of themselves, but others require a lot of attention. However, there’s probably no such thing as a dog that needs absolutely no grooming. Every pooch needs a bath at least once in a while. Outdoor dogs might be pretty self sufficient, but they’re also good at getting themselves into some dirty situations. Mud puddles, anyone?
Dogs probably need to be groomed once every three to six weeks to keep them healthy and happy. This means a brushing or bath, ear cleaning, and possibly nail trimming and haircut as well – it just depends on the breed of dog.
Many dogs enjoy being brushed, so this could actually be a time of bonding between you two. Not so much with baths, though. Although, they don’t need to be battles of will between the two of you, either. Be sure to be gentle and not get frustrated. Use a brand of shampoo that was made especially for dogs (or cats, as the case may be), don’t use people shampoo as it can be harsh on pets.
Ears are often a trouble-spot for dogs, but with proper care, your dog can be free from infections and irritants. Proper ear care for dogs isn’t a hard skill to learn. It just takes some patience and practice.
Nail trimming is another area where some pet owners may be hesitant to go themselves. If you’re new to the practice, you may want to let a professional do the work for you. It’s all too easy to cut too short and injure your pet if you don’t know what you’re doing. And after your pet realizes that pain follows the nail clippers coming out, it’s going to be a major undertaking getting them to sit still during future trimmings.
Haircuts are another area where letting a professional do the work is for the best. Not all dogs need cuts, but for the ones that do, there’s a world of difference between a professional cut and an amateur cut. Dog grooming is harder than it looks, so spend a few bucks and get it done right.