People with Pet Allergies


It’s a shame, but sometimes pets and people don’t make a good mix. Allergies can get in the way of an otherwise healthy and fun relationship between pet owner and pet. There are several varieties of allergy that affect people when pets are involved, but the most common is pet dander.

Dander is simply dry skin cells shed by the pet, usually coated in saliva. It can be carried through the air and also rubbed off on household furniture, carpets, and clothes. Those allergic to pet dander will experience the common histamine reaction of coughing, sneezing, watering eyes, etc. – very similar to hay fever in most respects. While it’s not impossible to overcome an allergic reaction to pet dander, it certainly is a challenge for most. Here’s some tips to get you on the road to recovery:

  • Get rid of the heavy drapes and/or carpeting – Pet dander collects in the fabric and becomes nothing but a hassle to clean. Consider wood floors and blinds instead.
  • Anti-histamine medications – These are common and pretty effective for most people. They come in tablets, liquids, and even shots for the hard cases. Consult your doctor.
  • Regular pet baths – Stop that dander before it makes its way into the house. Cats may not like this too much, but it’ll definitely make your life more pleasant if you’re allergic. Once every two to three weeks or so is common.
  • No pets in the bedroom – Keep the pets off of the furniture you regularly use. And if they have places of their own to play or sleep like blankets or cushions, clean them regularly.

If you have pet allergies, it takes some extra effort to make things run smoothly, but it’s certainly manageable, and could result in a lifetime of friendship!